Due to the widespread use of various social media, information transfer has been effortless. There are countless other advantages of using social media, but ease stands out as one of the major benefits.

Do you remember when many people spoke against social media like it was a disease? Its effect is becoming clearer, though others might say it’s already clear, and it continues to dominate the media space, with no end in sight.

It was once a communication research activity that had a lot of uncertainty than it had support.
Now, social media has evolved into numerous assorted tools that can do many tasks for different reasons and purposes.

UNTH, along with its leadership, has decided to latch on to the benefits of social media to spread the gospel of its services to humanity.

Apart from the launch of its new website, UNTH now has official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedln.

Listed below are the links to these accounts. Subscribe, like, and follow these accounts to keep up with updates, news, events, and activities concerning UNTH. Educative and informative articles are also available on these accounts weekly.

Here are UNTH’s official social media account links:

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LinkedIn Account Link

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Join us on our various social media accounts and let’s inspire the world as we render service to humanity.

UNTH…Service To Humanity.