The task of raising your kids and assisting them to achieve their goals in life can be Herculean. Making the right decision is the toughest decision that parents make. Every day has its challenges and its ups and downs and, at times, no matter what you do as a parent to make your child happy and healthy, the best is never enough. This becomes a major concern.

We have gathered some advice on how to keep a child healthy and happy. 

These tips were curated purely from Doctors’ and Parents’ perspectives.

1. Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

A check-up should be scheduled every two to three months up until 2 years of age. After 2 years of age, your kid will begin to see their doctor each year for a basic check-up. It’s important to note that these visits will be an opportunity to inquire about your child’s physical, mental, or emotional development.  

2. Ensure adequate sleep

Children grow quickly, so both their brains and bodies need lots of sleep. This also helps to boost their energy for daily activities

3. Break a leg!

Maybe not literally but, children need exercise, up to 60 minutes a day. Ensure they are part of the planning process. You can opt to run around in the playground with them.  These activities have many benefits to both physical and mental health. 

4. Set limits with screen time

A lot of family time happens in front of the Television and limits, but the way your kids think and function can be impaired if screens become the source of reality over real-life experiences. Also, they can impair a child’s ability to focus and that can lead to a loss in intellectual development.

5. Create a right and a lasting impression 

Teaching children empathy can set them up as valuable members of the community. 

Teach children that there is true greatness and value in not only doing for themselves but doing for others. You can create the world you want by introducing your children to these values. Another benefit of instilling these values is that it also creates a deeper connection between you and your children. It also creates lasting memories.

6. Make space for emotions

You might be onboard the 9 – 5 train and that leaves you with very little time for your children but you can also decide to make the most of the little time.

Establish a comfortable place for your children to communicate their feelings with active listening. You can also be vulnerable to them and that will be a motivation for them to face and surmount challenges later in life.

7. Lead by example

Children are always listening and noticing your actions. Do you abide by your own rules? Do exactly what you will expect them to do and let them know the truth about actions and consequences.

The push to raise happy children can, at times, cause most parents to actively shield their children from the downsides of life. This can hinder their mental health and growth. Communicate frequently with them and turn their attention to the healthier choices in Life.


8. Healthy eating should be induced

Children need the right balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Portion out foods so they understand quality and quantity matter.

So set a good example with healthy eating habits and get them involved in the kitchen. A positive, lifelong relationship with food begins in childhood!

The Institute of Child Health in UNTH is well staffed and well equipped to provide you with all the services you need to help you keep your children healthy and happy.

From UNTH, we wish every child a Happy Children’s Day.