On the 4th of February 2022, the Oncology Center, UNTH commemorated World Cancer Day. #CloseTheCareGap was this year’s tag.

It was a day full of activities that were targeted at raising awareness of the fight against cancer and the need for a better health care system for people living with Cancer.
It was also a day to celebrate the numerous accomplishments in the battle against cancer.

These activities include:

1. Awareness walk within UNTH

2. Free screening for cervical, prostate, and breast cancer at the center.

3. Launch of organized screening for the hospital community.

4. Radio and TV talks to create awareness.

5. Collaboration with Enugu State Ministry of Health, ESUTH, and Guild of Medical Directors to promote collaboration and patient-centered care for oncology patients in Enugu state.

Most of these activities were beautifully captured in this video.

To view a picture gallery containing all the World Cancer Day activities, tap on this link.

It was a memorable day!